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Matters Needing Attention in Hydraulic Oil for Injection Molding Machine


When we use injection molding machine for plastic product insert injection molding, we should pay more attention to the use of hydraulic oil. It can be devided for 4 parts: hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic oil quality, oil filter cleaner, and cooler cleaner.

1. Hydraulic Oil Temperature

The ideal operating temperature of the hydraulic system should be between 45 and 50 degrees, because the hydraulic system is designed according to the viscosity of a selected pressure oil, but the viscosity will change with the temperature of the oil, which will affect the work in the system. Components such as cylinders, hydraulic valves, etc., it can reduce control accuracy and response sensitivity, especially for precision injection machines. At the same time, if the temperature is too high, the aging of the sealing member will be accelerated to harden and break. When the temperature is too low, the processing energy consumption is large, and the running speed is lowered. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the working temperature of the hydraulic oil. There are many reasons for the high oil temperature, but it is mostly due to the failure of the oil circuit or the failure of the cooling system.
2. Hydraulic oil quality
One of the important properties of hydraulic oils is their chemical stability, ie oxidative stability. Oxidation is the most important factor determining the effective service life of hydraulic oil. Insoluble materials such as wood tar, sludge and carbon residue generated by oxidation can contaminate the hydraulic system, increase the wear of hydraulic components, reduce various gaps, block small holes, and ultimately cause The hydraulic system has failed. The oxidation rate of hydraulic oil depends on many factors such as its own and working conditions. Temperature is one of the main factors. Therefore, it is necessary to use suitable hydraulic oil and regularly check the oxidation degree of hydraulic oil (from the color of oil itself) ), it is absolutely necessary to actively change oil after a certain number of working hours. During the use of the injection molding machine, always check the level of the pressure oil, the pressure of the pump and the cleanliness of the pressure oil. When encountering wet weather, the concentration of the pressure oil must be checked daily. At the same time, the water pipe should be checked frequently to avoid water mixing. In the pressure oil, the oil filter is blocked. Check the fuel tank regularly and keep it clean to prevent debris from falling in. Replenish the pressure oil on time. For the lubrication of each moving part, the stroke switch 掣, the screw tightness and the oil leakage of each hose and joint part should be checked once a week to maintain good condition. If it is loose, replace it or tighten it. In addition, a pressure oil is used too long and can be replaced with a pressure oil to extend the life of the oil sump, oil pump and seal.
3. Oil filter cleaning
The oil filter functions as a clean hydraulic oil. Therefore, the oil filter should be cleaned every three months to keep the oil pump suction pipe unblocked and check the oil filter net for damage. Usually the size of the filter should not exceed 200 mesh.
4. Cooler cleaning
The cooler should be cleaned every two years, or cleaned according to whether its working ability is reduced. The internal blockage or fouling of the cooler will affect the cooling efficiency. The cooling water should be soft (no minerals).

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